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NVIDIA GeForceFX 5700 Ultra Review

Manufacturer: NVIDIA


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NVIDIA Revisits the Mainstream

When NVIDIA released their FX5600 Ultra product almost 1 year ago, many consumers and media sources were disappointed that it lacked any teeth to be serious competition to the ATI Radeon 9700. The FX5600 Ultra was priced in the same range, but performed substantially slower in many tasks. Despite this, the FX5600 Ultra still managed to be a popular card because it was the only NVIDIA card that performed better than the sluggish FX5600 and much cheaper than the FX5900 Ultra.

With ATI constantly pushing the envelope of their R3x0 core with newer products (like the Radeon 9600/9800, SE and XT models), NVIDIA knew it had to eventually revisit their mainstream product to make it more competitive - the FX5700 Ultra is NVIDIA's answer. It is priced around $200 USD so it goes head-to-head against the Radeon 9600Pro, 9800SE, and the new Radeon 9600XT. The question remains, is the FX5700 Ultra any serious competition for ATI or will it lag behind like its predecessor?

Today we will take a good
in-depth look at the FX5700 Ultra. We will run the card through a new suite
of games, benchmarks, and image quality tests. Hopefully at the end, we can
determine if this is genuinely a card to be excited about or not.

Expectations are high.
Let's see if NVIDIA has something to be proud about...

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