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NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT - XFX Retail Reviewed

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: NVIDIA

The XFX 7800 GT

This time around, instead of sending out a bunch of reference cards to editors, NVIDIA opted to have their partners send out cards to us instead.  This benefits the readers in a couple of ways, most importantly of which is you get real-world performance numbers from a product you will be able to buy instead of a reference platform.  We always like reviewing a retail product instead of a reference platform whenever one is available in a timely manner.  Also, this means that we have yet another 'hard' launch from NVIDIA with the 7800 GT video cards on sale today, as you read this. 

Interestingly, NVIDIA's documentation puts the MSRP of the 7800 GT at $449, but in my conversation with XFX prior to launch, they will have these cards available today for under $400.  With that being the case, it would be a dumb move to look at a 6800 Ultra for nearly the same price and with the 6800 GT only a hundred bucks less, the 7800 GT is looking better all the time (well, let's see benchmarks too). 

The Card

As you can see, the 7800 GT has the same single slot cooling solution and looks identical to the 7800 GTX in nearly every way.  Expect to see a different heatsink cover design by XFX on most retail boards though.  The early samples almost always just have the default look to them. 

Of course, XFX wouldn't just sell a default 7800 GT card after having the beastly 7800 GTX model we reviewed recently.  They have overclocked this card right out of the box as well.  Here are the specs.


7800 GT Reference

XFX 7800 GT

Core Clock

400 MHz

450 MHz

Memory Clock

1.0 GHz

1.05 GHz

Pixel Pipes



Vertex Pipes




256 MB

256 MB

So far, I found the XFX 7800 GT for sale at for $419; not quite the under $400 we were hoping for but pretty close for the first day. 

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