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Mainstream Graphics: Radeon 9600XT vs. FX5700 Ultra

Manufacturer: General

Game Tests: Age of Mythology, Freelancer

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of Mythology: The Titans

Titans" is Ensemble's expansion to the successful Age of Mythology game.
The new addition features an entirely new civilization to play along with
a twist of being able to conjure a titan. For this test, I have created a
Scenario using the Alfheim map and placed about opposing 80 units on 3 teams
in the middle of the map and let them slug it out. Just for fun, I put a
Titan and Cronos in there to make things interesting.

32 bits
(i.e. foot prints)
All enabled
Filtering and Anti-aliasing

The Asus Radeon
9600XT is slightly better than the NVIDIA FX5700 Ultra by a few FPS in general
with the exception being 4x8 on 1600x1200. At this setting, we see the FX5700
Ultra drop drastically in performance whereas the Radeon 9600XT maintains
a playable 41.6 FPS. Why the FX5700 Ultra would drop to such poor levels
is beyond me, but we do know it also happens on the FX5600 Ultra (see our FX5700
Ultra review
). Generally however, the FX5700 Ultra and the Radeon 9600XT
are nearly equally matched.



Freelancer is
still very popular amoung space sim and action fans alike. There's an amazing
story and some intense dogfights, but too bad it ended so quickly. For this
test, I've chosen the final mission of Freelancer as my "benchmark" level
as it contains the largest amount of targets in any of the missions in the

of Detail
Maximum (HUD animations,
effects, etc.)

The Asus
Radeon 9600XT performs very well in this game and puts about 30 FPS more
than the FX5700 Ultra at 1024x768. Like in the Age of Mythology tests,
at 1600x1200 we see the FX5700 Ultra drop drastically in performance with
4xAA and 8xAF compared to 0xAA and 0xAF. Coincidentally, the highest
the FX5700 Ultra displays in this game also happens to be
the average FPS of the Asus Radeon 9600XT.

even though the Radeon 9600XT is the clear winner here, the FX5700 Ultra
still manages to play this game well. The biggest slow-down I experienced
when using the FX5700 Ultra was during large explosions or when there were
big flashes of light. At these points, the FX5700 Ultra slows down to a
crawl with 10FPS or lower. The Asus Radeon 9600XT played more smoothly
even during same explosions that slow down the FX5700 Ultra.

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