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GeForce 7950 GT and ATI X1900 XT 256MB: XFX and BFG Models

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: BFG Tech

BFG GeForce 7950 GT OC

The other 7950 GT card to hit the PC Perspective offices was the BFG Technologies model.  The GeForce 7950 GT OC model looks much like other BFG cards we have seen in recent past, and the cooling solution is the reference design.

The PCB uses the same teal-ish color that the other BFG 7900-series cards have used, and the reference cooler is apparent here with a BFG decal affixed on it. 

What's this?  Yep, BFG sent along a pair of their cards so we could see what kind of scaling we would see in SLI mode with a pair of their overclocked cards.

The BFG box contents are very similar to the XFX cards, with a pair of DVI adaptors, HDTV dongle, power adaptor, driver disk and documenation.  No included games were in the samples we received, but check for specials as the days progress.

BFG's OC series of cards have become quite successful, and since they started offering out-of-the-box overclocked models, nearly all other vendors have followed suit.  For our GeForce 7950 GT OC cards, the clocks were set at 715 MHz memory and 565 MHz core speeds: a modest increase of 15 MHz on both ends.

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