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Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ Razor Edition - Single slot performance

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: Galaxy

Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 (DirectX 10)

Far Cry 2 is the spiritual sequel to one of the best selling and
longest living games on the PC though this title was developed not by
Crytek, but by Ubisoft directly using a completely new engine as well. 
The game is set in Africa and you have malaria - what else do you need
to know?

 Far Cry 2 settings

Far Cry 2 includes a great benchmarking utility that allows us to
setup for in-game testing of all varieties and includes both the
ability to benchmark based on time (variable frame count) or based on
speed (fixed frame count) - we went with the time-based option to
simulate real-world gaming and allowing for apples-to-apples

In our Far Cry 2 testing the Galaxy Razor and the HD 5770 card perform nearly identically in terms of average frame rate but what is key to note in this case is the minimum frame rate.  At 1680x1050 the average frame rate for both cards is about 55 FPS but the GTX 260+ has a minimum of 31 FPS compared to the 19 FPS of the HD 5770. 

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