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Futuremark 3DMark06 Benchmark Overview

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: General

Graphics Tests Updates

Graphics Test 1 — Return to Proxycon

This game test makes a return from 3DMark05 using the updated 3DMark06 engine, improved artwork, more shadow casting objects, more lights and using Futuremark's new shadow technique.  This test is running in SM2.0.

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This test is meant to simulate the 3D performance of a typical, indoor shooter game.  You can tell from the screenshot above that Futuremark has improved the quality of these tests dramatically. 

Graphics Test 2 — Firefly Forest

Another repeat from 3DMark05, this test again uses the same scene as 3DMark05 but with the updated engine, new artwork and the new shadow technique.  This test uses SM2.0 as well.

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This scene gives us an example of a smaller scale outdoor scene with a lot of trees and other vegetation making up the bulk of the rendering workload. 

Graphics Test 3 — Canyon Flight

This test was also reused from the 3DMark05 benchmark, but with dramatic changes to the processing of it.  It of course uses the new engine, improved artwork, the new shadow technique as well as being the first to implement HDR.

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This test requires SM3.0 hardware to function and is representative of a large scale outdoor scene.

Graphics Test 4 — Deep Freeze

The only completely new graphics test in 3DMark06, Deep Freeze takes place at an Antarctic research base.  It uses all the new features mentioned in the other tests, including HDR.

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This test is a good showcase for using HDR techniques in vast landscapes as well as changes from daylight to nighttime effects.

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