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Elsa GeForce2 GTS v. GeForce DDR

Manufacturer: 3DCOOL


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What's this? Another non-motherboard review? Well, I have never been one to turn down a chance to review hardware, and why shouldn't I share the new card with the readers? Keep in mind this is a preliminary testing, and not a full review of the card. We should have that in a few more days.

The recent arrival of the GeForce 2 GTS chipset on the market has put the consumers and NVIDIA's competitor's on edge. Just when 3dfx was going public with latest in video card technology, the Voodoo 5' and 6's, NVIDIA gave the
one-two punch with the launch of the GeForce2 with one additional trait: the GeForce2's are available now where as the V5-6 models are still 3-4 weeks away. How NVIDIA was able to keep the new chipset secret for such an extended time is unknown, but they did a damn fine job of it. And it looks like they did a damn fine job on the video cards, as well.

The first board we were sent to test was the Elsa brand GeForce 2 GTS card. This German-based company was previously only known for the great quality GeForce SDRAM and DDR cards, which have been some of the best sellers on the market. The 32MB version is what we tested, of course on the Athlon based system. Below are the specs of the Elsa GLADIAC.

Elsa Gladiac Specs


256-bit graphics engine

200MHz core/166MHz memory clock

25 million triangles/sec

800 Mpixels/s fill rate

1.6GTexels/sec fill rate

5.3GB/sec Memory bandwidth

Hardware anti-aliasing

32-bit colors, Z/stencil buffer


Max Resolution 2048x1536

32MB or 64MB DDR RAM

AGP 2X/4X including fast writes and execute mode

DirectX texture compression

S3TC support

Windows 9x/NT/2000 compatible

The card went through all the tests we are used to seeing on the video card front: Quake III, Unreal Tournament, and 3DMark's 99 and 2000. Follow the links to continue. Here is the test system setup below:

Test System Setup


AMD Athlon 750


Asus K7V-RM


1 x 128MB PC133 Mushkin SDRAM

Hard Drive

20.5GB Western Digital 7200 RPM

Video Card

Elsa Gladiac

Operating System

Windows 98 SE

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