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CryTek Comments on Shader 3.0

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Taking what we have been shown of Shader 3.0 by NVIDIA and utilizing the information gathered within this interview, we begin to have a clearer picture of how Shader 3.0 will affect your gaming experience. Whereas many had taken the position that Shader 3.0 would make significant improvements in image quality over Shader 2.0, we are beginning to see that is hardly the case. Although the foundation is present in Shader 3.0 to give developers even more freedom to maximize image quality, the immediate gains seem to be based entirely upon performance. Mr. Yerli's answer to question eight is an excellent summation of where we currently stand regarding Shader 3.0.

"In current generation engine quality of PS3.0 is almost the same as PS2.0. PS3.0 is used for performance optimisation purposes."

How much of a performance benefit will Shader 3.0 provide the latest generation hardware? Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary tools in our hands to benchmark using each Shader model. As a result, we are left waiting for developers to begin utilizing this new feature before we will see any benefit in the latest games. However, should Crytek's perspective be indicative of other developer's impressions of Shader 3.0 we should begin to see this feature used extensively in the upcoming wave of next-generation titles.

Although this article will not serve as the final answer to any question regarding Shader 3.0, it certainly gives us a unique perspective from the developer. Should you wish to learn more about Shader 3.0 and all its intricacies, you can find a fair amount of information at the following Microsoft WinHEC page. Stay tuned for more information as we attempt to get our hands on some beta software and see how the next generation graphics cards handle this new feature.

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June 21, 2011 | 05:52 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

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May 28, 2011 | 05:19 AM - Posted by george bil (not verified)

3.0 shader model is just extension to 2.0 shader model. It means it's possible to compile PS2.0 shader as PS3.0 shader target and it still remains 2.0 compliant shader from the hardware side. Several new features in 3.0 shader model aren't for free. Texture access in vertex shader is expensive, dynamic branching is not for free. So if developer has to utilize some features of PS3.0 shader model he/she should design shader in way which will remove other much important bottlenecks of application (CPU limitations, states/shaders changing, make shorter shader execution path, decrease streams bandwidth.

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