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AMD Radeon HD 6990 4GB Update - Overclocking Performance

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: AMD

Metro 2033 and Lost Planet 2

Metro 2033 (DirectX 11)

latest addition to our gaming benchmark suite, Metro 2033 is one of the
best looking PC games in years.  By utilizing some advanced DX11
features as well as impressively high-quality shading routines this
title pushes our graphics in way we have seen since the first days of




We ran Metro 2033 with Advance DOF disabled. 




Lost Planet 2 (DirectX 11)

The gigantic Akrid, epic environments, and heavily-armoured vital
suits of Lost Planet 2 come to PCs beginning October 15! LP2 will be
coming to your favorite digital distribution portal soon as well. 

Featuring support for DirectX® 11 and DirectX 9, Lost Planet 2
delivers its Akrid-infested world in even greater detail. Through
DirectX® 11 features, smoke will have lifelike volume and depth, water
surfaces react realistically to player interaction and bullets, and
level bosses are rendered with more detail than ever before. 

The primary purpose of Test B is to push the PC to its limits and
to evaluate the maximum performance of the PC. It utilizes many
functions of Direct X11 resulting in a very performance-orientated, very
demanding benchmark mode. 





Lost Planet 2 Test Settings  



In both Metro 2033 and Lost Planet 2 there are only very modest performance gains from the HD 6990 running at 880 MHz compared to the 830 MHz at reference speeds. 

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