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AMD FirePro V5800 and V3800 Review - Evergreen completes the sweep

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: AMD

FirePro 5800 and 3800 Graphics Cards

From a physical perspective, there isn't much to write home about for the new cards, but our readers need to see the goods, so here we go.

The FirePro V5800 is a pretty standard looking single slot card.

The connection configuration provides that much needed dual-link DVI connection to avoid REQUIRING people to use a DP-to-DVI adapter like the V8800 (which has been a pain for us).

The V5800 still supports CrossFire for multi-GPU acceleration.

This is important here - with a maximum power consumption of 75 watts or so the V5800 does not require any kind of external power.

The V3800 is a tiny card that appears to more at home in a $500 HP computer than in a high-end graphics workstation.  Looks can be deceiving though so we'll see what kind of numbers it can put up.

Obviously the V3800 doesn't require any external power either - it has a max power consumption of about 45 watts.

Now, let's take a look at the competition we are going to throw at these cards and get started on the benchmarks!

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