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Tweeking Device GFD

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: General Tech
Manufacturer: CoolerMaster

Good and Coclusion

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The price of the Tweeking Device 2 (TD2) falls to be the second lowest I have

seen. If you visit the site, you’ll also notice that the US distributor of this item, HighSpeedPC offers free shipping of the TD2 to anywhere inside the continental US. I’m not sure about the price for foreign shipments, etc.

The size of the TD2 is the most prominent benefit of this GFD. It is the smallest available, coming in at about a one and quarter inch square. If you have had problems with the height of a GFD coming in contact with your power supply or other part of your case, this GFD is your best bet.

Like the Northwind GFD, the TD2 comes without the need of external power. It gets all the power it needs from the Athlon processor itself. This prevents the user from making the inside of their case a mess, or using up a power connector on the GFD device itself. This makes the application of the GFD safer, since there is no risk of it being pulled off the processor by a clumsy hand reaching inside the PC.

The switches on the TD2, though small, are the most simple and concise. There are 4 switches for the multiplier and 4 for the voltage: and that’s it. There is an ‘in between’ stage, that is not ON or OFF, but it is not used in the configuration of the TD2 at all.

Well, that is it for this review: I told you it would be really short. This GFD is recommended over those in my previous GFD shootout. That is why I took the time to post this review. It is the smallest, the simplest to configure, and comes at a low price with free shipping. If you’d like, please check out the 3 Gold Finger Review as well, to see the differences.

Tweeking Device 2

(8.5 / 10.0)

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