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Thoroughbred Overclocking

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Manufacturer: AMD

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When I published my Athlon XP 2200+ review last Monday I never could have imagined the ruckus that it would have caused. After a couple weeks of toying, I was able to overclock my test processor faster than most other published reviews. Some reported maximum overclocks of only 25-30 MHz while others got up above the 2.0 GHz mark. My Thoroughbred 2200+ processor, which has a stock speed of 1.8 GHz, was able to reach a 2.16 GHz, a 360 MHz increase.

I’ll admit that when I began to hear of others overclocking results while I was with Patrick of The Screen Savers on Monday, I had lots of questions. But, I couldn’t doubt what I had seen and what the processor had done, so I decided I would simply do more investigation on this new Thoroughbred core. That is the basis for this very article.

The first thing I did upon hearing this news was get a couple of new Thoroughbred processors. Unfortunately, the 2200+ CPU is in very high demand with most of the parts being eaten up by large OEMs, and thus I wasn’t able to attain any more than the one I had. Instead, I got two more 2100+ processors based on the Thoroughbred core. Though these had a 66 MHz stock speed deficit, the new core is what I really wanted to test, and so the 2100+ processors fit my needs nicely.

With requests from numerous emails from our readers, I will include some screenshots of our completed overclocks in the form of WCPUID – by far the most widely used program for these types of verifications.

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