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Lamptron FC6 Fan Controller Review

Author: Steve Grever
Subject: General Tech
Manufacturer: General

Packaging and Included Accessories

The Lamptron FC6 is shipped in a colorful retail package that showcases the display's seven color display options. The front of the retail packaging should be more than appealing to enthusiasts looking to upgrade their current hardware-based temperature and fan monitoring devices.


The top panel of the controller's packaging gives consumers more information about the FC6's features and technical specifications. It also informs us that it can be purchased in two different colors - silver aluminum and black anodized. You'll notice that this controller can also handle up to 20 watts per channel, which should be more than enough for high-end 80mm, 120mm, and 240mm fans with LED lighting.


The parts list is included on the bottom panel of the packaging with small photos of each included item.


The device itself is secured in layered foam and separate from the other accessories and cables needed to operate the an controller. They also added a small product catalog, but I don't think this marketing material will be included in retail versions of the FC6.


To go along with the actual device, Lamptron outfitted the FC6 with four fan cables and four long sensor cables for attaching fans to the FC6 and monitoring case temperatures. They also added four screws to secure the device to the optical bay and a small jumper to switch LCD colors on the back of the unit.


Lastly, Lamptron included a small instruction manual that will be handy to configure the LCD lighting system and figure out where to plug in all the temperature probes and fan cables. 


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