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Asus AiGuru S1 Skype Phone Review: Hands On

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: General Tech
Manufacturer: Asus

The Asus AiGuru S1 Phone

Asus' answer to this question comes in the form of the AiGuru S1 Skype Phone seen below.

The S1 Skype phone is a USB and wireless accessory that enables you to take your Skype phone calls, contact lists and other features along with you around the entire house, not just within microphone distance of your PC. 

The front of the phone looks like your typical run of the mill cell phone.  Answer and hang up buttons, a standard dial pad and two "soft-keys" that correspond to options on the screen are seen here.

The back of the phone is where the speaker is used for the speakerphone and music playback (more on that later). 

On the left side of the phone we find the power button.

The right side has a headphone jack should you wish to listen to streaming music from your PC in a little bit higher fidelity or without disturbing those around you.

The battery on the Asus S1 Skype phone is very small and doesn't add much weight to the unit at all.

Along the top of the phone we can see the speaker for standard phone usage and nothing else. 

At the bottom are two metal connections for charging when on the dock and a USB connection for setup purposes and also for charging.

For a size reference, I have placed the Asus S1 phone next to a CD.  It is much lighter than a typical phone and/or cell phone but it is a bit wider than most cell phones that I am comfortable using.

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