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ASUS ROG Gladius Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Subject: General Tech
Manufacturer: ASUS

Introduction and First Impressions

The ASUS ROG Gladius mouse features sleek styling and customizable lighting effects, but the biggest aspect is the underlying technology. With socketed Omron switches designed to be easily swapped and an adjustable 6400dpi optical sensor this gaming mouse offers a lot on paper. So how does it feel? Let's find out.

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There are a few aspects to the way a mouse feels, including the shape, surface material, and overall weight. Beyond the physical properties there is the speed and accuracy of the sensor (which also affects hand movement) and of course the mouse buttons and scroll wheel. Really, there's a lot going on with a modern gaming mouse - a far cry from the "X-Y position indicator" that the inventors had nicknamed "mouse" in the 1960s.

One of the hallmarks of the ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) lineup is the sheer amount of additional features the products tend to have. I use an ROG motherboard in my personal system, and even my micro-ATX board is stuffed with additional functionality (and the box is loaded with accessories). So it came as no surprise to me when I opened the Gladius mouse and began to look it over. Sure, the box contents aren't as numerous as one of the Maximus motherboards, but there's still quite a bit more than I've encountered with a mouse before.

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We'll take a close look at the ROG Gladius after checking out the full specs from ASUS:

Connectivity Technology: Wired
Tracking: Optical
OS Support: Windows 8.1 86/x64, Windows 8 86x64, Windows 7 86x64
Dimensions: (L) 126 x (W) 67 x (H) 45 mm
Weight: 116 g
Color: Steel Grey
Resolution: 6400dpi
Interface : USB


  • 1x 2-meter braided USB cable
  • 1x 1-meter regular rubber USB cable
  • 2x Japanese-made Omron switches
  • 1x ROG pouch
  • 2x ROG logo stickers
  • 4x mouse feet

Compatible switch list for ROG switch socket:

  • Omron D2F Series switches: D2F, D2F-F, D2F-01, D2F-01F
  • Omron D2FC Series switches: D2FC-3M, D2FC-F-7N, D2FC-F-7N(10M), D2FC-F-7N(20M)

Our thanks to ASUS for providing the ROG Gladius gaming mouse for this review!

First Impressions

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The Gladius arrives in a box with the same premium design as the rest of the ROG product lineup, and showcases the many features of the mouse. Once inside we're presented with a few more items of interest.

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The Gladius does not have a permanent cable, nor is it a wireless design. Instead users have a choice between two included mouse cables which attach via a micro USB connection on the mouse.

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This adds a bit to the customization options with the Gladius as the cables have distinctly different feels, with one a flexible rubber and the other a more premium braided cable. The two cables arrive in a soft bag that also serves to protect the mouse when in transit.

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The rest of the contents begin with a product manual, replacement feet, and stickers, but inside the bag there's something else...

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Omron switches, designed for easy swaps though a socketed implementation

I never really thought about mouse button switches before, only that certain mice had nicer feel when clicked. It makes sense, just as mechanical keyboard have distinctly different feels not only from standard membrane keyboards but other mechanical keyboards, that the buttons on a mouse can have the same properties. The switches installed in the Gladius out of the box have a very different feel than I’ve experienced before, and after using it for a few days I developed a greater sense of what I’d like in a mouse click - an opinion I hadn’t even begun to formulate before using the Gladius.

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Next we'll explore what it's like to use the Gladius Gaming Mouse.

Video News

May 18, 2015 | 06:54 PM - Posted by Star Wars (not verified)

Screw the mouse, let's talk about X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I see them there behind the mouse's box! Best space shooters ever made.

May 18, 2015 | 07:41 PM - Posted by Sebastian Peak

No argument here obviously

May 19, 2015 | 01:31 AM - Posted by Shadowarez (not verified)

Great is the another vaporware product or like there (Rog) Mechanical Keyboard that never made it this side of world only released in tiwan that urkes a hardware vendor shouldn't only release products destined for 3rd world by showing world look what we made you can't have it north America this is only for our tiwanees crowd. Made me turn off from them after there pci ssd fiasco discontinued before it hit North America. /End Rant.

May 21, 2015 | 09:43 PM - Posted by Curiositie (not verified)


The Gladius is available in the states, I'm using one right now.

It's the best mouse I've ever used, for the record.

May 27, 2015 | 02:30 AM - Posted by Sonic4Spuds

Also using a Gladius, and really enjoying it!

May 26, 2015 | 01:15 AM - Posted by Shadowarez

Then it's time to drop my Rate 5 and get o email I couldn't find d the Asus Rog items on ncix or even shopbot then seen few articles showing they display new gear on there us site even if it isn't intended to come to this country.

December 14, 2015 | 03:08 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Bought it. Driver does not work for Mac OS X 10.10 nor 10.11. No driver update available. No reply from ASUS. Without driver useless for any Yosemite or El Capitan users.

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