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Viewsonic VA2226w 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Displays
Manufacturer: Viewsonic

Exterior and Connections

LCD monitor design is pretty straight forward -- get the monitor as slim as possible and keep the bezel around the actual display as thin as possible.  Let's see how the Viewsonic VA2226w lives up:

The very recognizable Viewsonic birds remain on the display in the top left hand corner of the exterior bezel, which I am glad to see is quite small and has a good finish to it.  The Viewsonic labeling and buttons are pretty small as well and don't stand out against the design of the front of the display.  As I said on the previous page, the only thing I don't really like is the stand the monitor uses simply because it feels a bit "cheaper" than the display itself.

The display itself is a 22" LCD with a 21.6" visible area.  The Viewsonic rated contrast ratio is 1000:1 while the brightness is somewhat mild at 300 cd/m2.  The response time is quoted at 5ms which is a notable number, though we know that display manufacturers have different ways of calculating those values.  The native resolution is a 1680x1050 which is a 16:10 ratio.

Turning the monitor to its side we can see the profile is presents; at only 2.5" think (not taking the stand into consideration) the VA2226w can be put just about anywhere.  The stand does require a bit more room on your desk obviously, but compared to some other LCD screens and just about any CRT monitor the Viewsonic 22" display should clear up some room on your desk. 

Without the stand installed, we can turn the monitor on its back to see the bottom where the menu buttons are located.  The two areas of holes along the bottom might appear to be speakers but are in fact just there for air circulation and cooling on the display. 

The buttons on the VA2226w are pretty small, which is good for aesthetics but bad for actually using.  I really didn't have an issue with the buttons but some people might find themselves hitting more than one at a time.  The center button is the power button that glows orange while in standby mode and green when turned on with an active signal. 

Looking at the back of the display reveals nothing spectacular -- the connections are well hidden.

Here we see the power connection on the left and video inputs on the right.  The arcs in the center are used for some basic cable management. 

As I mentioned on the previous page, the monitor supports both DVI and VGA inputs, though Viewsonic only includes a VGA cable.  If you have your own DVI cable or want to buy one the monitor has no problems using it. 

The basic cable management provided by the Viewsonic VA2226w 22" display is simple but very easy and effective.  The cables are effectively hidden behind the display and the stand to be run anywhere they need to go. 

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