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ASUS VW266H 25.5-in Monitor Review - Going large on a budget

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Displays
Manufacturer: Asus

Exterior Design

The fit and finish on the ASUS VW266H monitor is actually quite nice for a budget priced LCD display.  As we go through the pictures below, keep in mind there is another revision of the monitor, the VK266H, which includes an integrated webcam along the top of the bezel.

The VW266H has a very nice, if not overly exciting, design to it.  The LCD display as your standard matte finish with a piano-style black plastic border around it that shows fingerprints more easily that I would have liked.  The ASUS logo in the center at the bottom of the bezel isn't over intrusive.

This display is not really going for a "thin" style though it is only about 4-in deep from bezel to back; for comparison the Dell 30-in displays I have in the lab for testing are just a slight bit thinner overall.  I don't think depth of display will affect users much as the round pedestal is 8-in wide.

On the back you can see the cable management U bracket that can be used to funnel all the cables behind the pedestal as well as the large back plate with the ASUS logo on it that can be removed to find your standard VESA 100mm mounting holes should you with to attach the display to a wall or stand.

Here we just have another angle of the VW266H display.  Though you can't see them, there are very well hidden pair of stereo speakers along the bottom of the monitor bezel that support basic 2-channel audio; they sound decent enough for business/YouTube use though I would still of course recommend better speakers for any kind of movie or gaming usage. 

The monitor controls are built into the face of the bezel in the bottom right hand corner and are pretty minimalistic in their design.  There are the standard buttons including a power/standby, menu, volume/menu buttons, input selection and even a visual preset cycle button used to move between ASUS' display modes. 

This is where the real excitement on the ASUS VW266H comes into play - looking at the various inputs (and output) that it offers.  There is an HDMI input with HDCP support for protected video playback support, a single-link DVI input and a standard 15-pin VGA input.  Component video input is also supported with stereo audio RCA input jacks to complement.  The orange RCA connection is in fact a digital audio output connection that will let you take the audio coming from the HDMI port (or stereo or headphone ports for that matter) and transmit it back in surround sound to an external audio receiver or PC.  There are two stereo headphone connections as well - one for input and one for output. 

On the left side of the base is the standard power connection.  This display is rated at only 60 watts during use and 2 watts while in standby mode.

The cable management system on this display is really pretty basic; here you see our DVI cable and power cable being "routed" out the back.  One complaint I will file on this display is about the circular pedestal you see here: it is very cheap feeling and while I never felt like it wasn't strong enough to hold the monitor, it just doesn't compliment the finish on the display itself. 

Also, the lack of an ability to raise or lower the monitor or twist it is kind of cumbersome. 


Included in the box separate of the ASUS VW266H LCD monitor are the pedestal, management back panel, user manual, stereo audio cable, power cable, single-link DVI cable and VGA cable.  If you want to connect your devices to the ASUS display using the HDMI or component inputs you will have to bring your own cables for the job. 

April 18, 2011 | 10:18 PM - Posted by Henrietta (not verified)

I'm irpmessed! You've managed the almost impossible.

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