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NVIDIA nForce Chipset Preview

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Chipsets
Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Integrated GeForce2 Graphics

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Another of the key selling points for the NVIDIA nForce chipset is the inclusion of an integrated GeForce2 core video processor. Based closely to the NV11 GeForce2MX chipset, the graphics power of the nForce boards will far surpass any currently available integrated solution.

Just like its MX cousin, the nForce GeForce core will run at a default 175 MHz and as of now I am unsure whether or not there will be bios options for overclocking it. The memory speed on this internal graphics core is perhaps the biggest jump for NVIDIA. Using the TwinBank memory controller we talked about earlier, the integrated GeForce graphics chipset should allow it to easily meet or exceed the performance of any other currently available DDR motherboard + external GeForce2MX graphics card. As most internal graphics solutions, the memory is obtained from the system memory, meaning at least 32 MB of your installed system memory will be reserved for video processor use. It will be interesting to see if NVIDIA includes an option to increase that to 64 MB or higher.

Also note that the internal AGP of the integrated GeForce GPU on the nForce chipset will run at a yet unseen AGP 6x speed. However, the system will only support AGP 4x for all external video cards.

Below are a couple graphs that NVIDIA supplied demonstrating the power of their integrated solution.

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