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NVIDIA GeForce 9400/9300 Chipset Review: IGP for Intel

Author: Ryan Shrout
Subject: Chipsets
Manufacturer: NVIDIA


The BIOS options are surprisingly robust for a mATX motherboard with an integrated graphics controller on it.  NVIDIA has never been one to deny users the ability to overclock and tweak.  I'll quickly go through the BIOS options here but many of them are self explanatory.

IGP frame buffer support only went up to 256MB on this board though others could get to 512MB if you felt the need.  256MB is definitely the sweet spot.

The overclocking section looks very comfortable to anyone that has seen the nForce 6-series or 7-series BIOS options. 

The same Linked or Unlinked options exist for FSB and memory bus relations - we almost always use Unlinked for more granular control of the system.

Here you can see the FSB can be set as high as 2500 MHz - though you won't ever get close to hitting that.

A lot of memory timing options for you to set manually if you want.

If you set a linked setting for the FSB/memory bus you can adjust what relationship the two have to each other. 


Max CPU voltage is 1.9125v.

Max memory voltage is 2.55v.

The north bridge can be pushed as high as 1.354v.

Finally the FSB voltage can be set as high as 1.55v.

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