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Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1,000W Power Supply Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Zalman

Specifications and Packaging

The ZM1000-HP Plus power supply is rated for a combined, continuous output power of up to 1,000 watts at 40°C operating temperature (internal case air temperature).  That’s important as some less reputable manufactures limit their power supply’s advertised capacity by specifying a lower operating temperature (25°C) in the fine print.  The PSU includes universal AC line input (automatically adjusts the AC line voltage) and active PFC, which makes the unit more environmentally friendly to the local power grid.  The ZM1000-HP PSU is 80PLUS Silver certified and was designed to provide up to 90% efficiency (@230 VAC).

Specifications for the ZM1000-HP Plus 1,000W PSU from the Zalman website:

(Courtesy of Zalman)

Packaging and Parts

The ZM1000-HP Plus power supply arrived securely packed inside a retail box that highlights the power supplies features and specifications.  In addition to the power supply the package includes a power cord, mounting screws, ZM-DC1 fan adapter, a printed User’s Manual, Velcro cable ties, and eight modular cables.

September 20, 2011 | 07:25 AM - Posted by Maggy (not verified)

This is comparable to the Antec Truepower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W.

The Zalman cost over 50% more than the Antec.For an extra $100 I would expect more from the Zalman.
They both have two 6pin and two 8pin PCI-E connectors.
You can get 70 AMPS (840W) from all the 12V on the Antec
You can get 80 AMPS (960W) from all the 12V on the Zalman

50% more money for ~ 12% more performance, but Zalman has some kind of special jojoba oil coated around it to prevent it from damage\overheating which greatly increases it's lifespan, so it's worth it in a way.

Just my personal opinion.

August 25, 2014 | 08:21 PM - Posted by redklue (not verified)

I've been using zm1000hp plus for 4 mos now and i haven't heard its fan yet, its passive cooling is just amazing. I payed AU$220.00 for it and i think it is worth every penny.

I wonder if it will start ramping up its fan when I start doing crossfire.

the only downside is not modular but it does the job, though could be longer i suppose for bigger cases, else its limited to ATX.

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