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Zalman VF1000 LED & RHS88 Coolers for the GeForce 8800

Manufacturer: Zalman

Features and Specifications

VF1000 LED and RHS88 Coolers on NVIDIA 8800 GTX

Zalman is now marketing the VF1000 LED graphic card cooler as an excellent cooling solution for NVIDIA’s 8800 Ultra/GTX and GTS video cards when used with the ZM-RHS88 supplementary heatsink.  To handle the added heat load produced by the 8800 RAM chips, Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs) and PCI-E I/O chip, Zalman created a two-piece aluminum heatsink that sits underneath the main VF1000 LED cooler.  The complete package is easy to install and only occupies a single slot.

VF1000 LED VGA Cooler

The VF1000 LED graphic card cooler is an all-copper heatsink that incorporates heat pipes and an integrated 80mm LED fan.  It directly cools the GPU and is designed to support the majority of modern video cards.

ZM-RHS88 Heatsink

While the VF1000 LED is primarily responsible for cooling the 8800 GPU, the all-aluminum RHS88 heatsink provides added heat dissipation surface area for the 8800 support chips.  The RHS88 heatsink can be configured for either 8800 Ultra/GTX or 8800 GTS video cards and must be installed prior to mounting the VF1000 LED cooler.

VF1000 LED Features and Specifications:

•    Integrated cooling fan provides excellent performance

•    Pure copper thin fins to maximize heat transfer

•    Incorporates 4 heat pipes for maximum heat transfer

•    Proprietary VFP fin technology to maximize cooling efficiency

•    80mm slim LED fan for excellent performance and aesthetics

•    Adjustable fan speed (Fan Mate 2) controller included

•    Easy to install with broad compatibility

•    Single slot design supports SLI configurations

ZM-RHS88 Features and Specifications:

•    Specifically designed for use with NVIDIA 8800 series video cards

•    Die cast aluminum heatsink

•    All-in-one multi-component cooling solution

•    High performance thermal tapes pre-installed for easy installation

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