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Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

Manufacturer: Zalman

Introduction and Features


Zalman’s latest liquid cooling system, the Reserator XT, uses both passive and active cooling elements.  The original Reserator 1 and the second generation Reserator 2 used only passive cooling (no fan), which relied on natural convection airflow to dissipate heat.  The hybrid XT incorporates passive radiator modules but also includes two conventional radiators and a fan for active cooling.  The Reserator XT is a third generation liquid cooling system that builds on the successes of Zalman’s previous Reserator models and now adds forced air cooling for higher performance.  The system is designed for easy installation and includes tubing, coolant, and a Zalman CPU waterblock (additional waterblocks are optional).   The good guys at Zalman also sent along one of their new 8800 Ultra/GTX waterblocks to help facilitate testing.

The Reserator XT utilizes dual, multi-pass radiators and a single 140mm fan to provide high performance cooling with minimal noise.  The Reserator XT features elegant, high-tech styling and exhibits the same heavy duty, high-quality construction Zalman uses in their premium PC enclosures like the Z-Machine GT1000.  And the Reserator XT is available with either a Titanium-look (dark gray metallic) or Black anodized finish to match.  They both look fantastic!

Here is a sneak-peek at what’s under the hood and how the various bits are connected.  The Reserator XT external cooling unit contains both active and passive radiators, a reservoir, pump, flow meter, fan, control panel, and tubing.

Zalman Reserator XT Key Features:

•    High performance, ultra quiet, external water cooling system

•    Hybrid cooling design (Active and Passive)

•    Active cooling: 140mm fan (forced convection cooling)

•    Passive cooling: Anodized aluminum heatsink chassis (natural convection cooling)

•    Automatic and Manual Control modes for flexible operation

•    Coolant flow and coolant level monitoring and alarms

•    Visual displays: Coolant temperature, ambient air temperature, coolant low level warning

•    Automatic Power On/Off in sync with the computer

•    Specially formulated coolant prevents corrosion

•    Support for multiple waterblocks

•    Support for Intel LGA775 and AMD 754/939/940/AM2 CPUs

•    Designed for easy installation

•    Elegant, high tech styling

Packaging and Parts


The Zalman Reserator XT ships double boxed and the components inside are securely packed inside three separate Styrofoam compartments for added protection.  Zalman certainly takes extra care to insure everything passes thru shipping unharmed.



The colorfully printed inner retail box displays all the Reserator XT’s many features and specifications.

In addition to the Reserator XT external cooling unit, the box includes everything needed for quick and easy installation.

•    Clear vinyl tubing

•    Printed User’s Manual

•    Bottle of ZM-G300 coolant

•    I/O bracket

•    DC power cable and jumper wire

•    Degassing tube

•    Tubing clamps

•    ZM-WB5 CPU waterblock

•    Reserator XT main cooling unit

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