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Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Zalman

External View (Cont'd)


Both side panels have five large slot openings to allow cooling air into the enclosure.  You can see the radiator fins directly behind these precision beveled openings and a visual flow indicator is present on the right side panel.  A sensor inside the flow indicator sends a signal to the front panel flow meter.


While not obvious from the outside, there are two passive cooling elements inside that use the Reserator XT chassis and side panels to help dissipate heat.


Moving around to the backside, we see the Reserator XT’s exhaust fan opening, two quick-disconnect fittings for attaching the coolant hoses, and the DC power connector.  The fan grill is laser cut into the rear panel.  The large Zalman labeled fan uses dual ball bearings and is rated for up to 1,740 rpm at 12 VDC.


Connections are made to the back of the Reserator XT by way of two industry standard CPC quick-disconnect fittings that incorporate internal check valves.  Having check valves is convenient as they block off flow as soon as the connection is broken and keeps any spillage to a minimum.  In high-flow systems, integrated check valves can create significant flow restrictions but in a low-flow system like the Reserator XT, that isn’t as much of a problem and the added convenience is well worth it.  The inlet and outlet ports are clearly labeled.


The Reserator XT external cooling unit receives 12 VDC power via the provided DC power cord from a spare 4-pin Molex drive connector inside the PC.


A quick look at the bottom of the Reserator chassis reveals the thick aluminum sides wrap around underneath forming two feet, which are fitted with four small rubber foot pads.

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