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Zalman Reserator 2 Fanless Water Cooling System Review

Manufacturer: Zalman

Introduction and Features

The Reserator 2 is a second generation fanless water cooling system that builds on the successes of Zalman's Reserator 1 and promises added features with even better performance.  (You can find my review of the original Reserator 1 here.)  The Reserator 2 is a silent water cooling system that combines a large passive radiator with a reservoir and submerged pump.  The system is designed for easy installation and includes tubing, coolant, and two top-of-the-line Zalman waterblocks (a ZM-WB4 Gold for the CPU and a ZM-GWB3 for the GPU).   <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



The Reserator 2 utilizes natural convection cooling so no fans are needed.  The only active component is a small electric water pump inside the reservoir.  The Reserator 2 features high-tech styling with a black and silver color scheme that will fit right in with most tower style enclosures.  And it exhibits the same heavy duty, quality construction we have come to expect from Zalman


Zalman Reserator 2 Key Features:


  • Fanless water cooling system for silent operation

  • Optimized design for excellent natural convection cooling

  • Reservoir, pump, and radiator combined into one unit

  • Integrated flow control (visual and audible alarm)

  • Anodized aluminum radiator and VGA waterblock

  • Gold plated CPU waterblock

  • Specially formulated coolant prevents corrosion

  • Support for Intel 478/LGA775 and AMD 462 (A)/754/939/940 CPUs

  • Support for ATI and nVIDIA video cards

  • Designed for easy installation

The Reserator 2 ships double boxed and the components inside are securely packed inside three separate layers of Styrofoam packing for added protection.  Zalman certainly took extra care to make sure everything passed thru shipping unharmed.






In addition to the Reserator 2 main cooling unit, the box includes everything necessary for installation. 



  • Reserator 2 main cooling unit

  • Clear vinyl tybing

  • Printed User's Manual

  • Bottle of ZM-G300 coolant

  • Support legs

  • Mounting hardware

  • ZM-WB4 Gold CPU waterblock

  • ZM-GWB3 VGA waterblock



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