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Zalman CNPS9900 LED CPU Heatsink Review

Author: Steve Grever
Manufacturer: Zalman

Specifications and Packaging

Zalman CNPS9900LED Specifications from the Zalman website



Dimensions: 94(L) x 131(W) x 152(H) mm

Weight: 730g

Base Material: Pure Copper

Dissipation Area: 5,402cm2


Bearing Type: 2 Ball-Bearing

Speed: 1,000rpm ~ 2,000rpm ± 10 %

Noise Level: 19.5dBA ~ 38.0dBA ± 10%

Control Method: PWM Control, Auto Restart

Common Components:

Cooler (CNPS9900 LED)

Thermal Grease (ZM-STG1)

User’s Manual


Components for Intel Socket 1366:

Four (4) Clip Support Fixing Bolts (Gold)

Four (4) Socket 1366 Washers

One (1) Socket 1366 Clip Support

One (1) Socket 1366 Clip


Components for Intel Socket 775

Four (4) Clip Support Fixing Bolts (Silver)

One (1) Clip Support (top)

One (1) Backplate (bottom) for Socket 775

One (1) Socket 775 Clip


Components for AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/754/939/940

One (1) AMD Clip

One (1) AMD Clip Lever

Packaging and Parts

The packaging for the Zalman CNPS9900 LED is actually quite attractive. Zalman has standardized their marketing strategy for quite a while now, and the graphical elements on the front panel fall right in line with their marketing plan.

The back panel has a basic list of features and a better window to see the back of the heatsink itself. I also prefer to have large windows to see what the heatsink actually looks like as opposed to having a bunch of verbiage that I can get from their website.

This heatsink is packaged in a plastic shell that has been molded to fit the CNPS9900 LED perfectly. It has four buttons that need to be unsnapped to remove the heatsink from its packaging.

Zalman includes all the retention clips and brackets to mount the CNPS9900 LED to all Intel Socket 1366/775 and all AMD Socket AM2+/AM2/754/939/940 CPUs.

They also included a user manual, thermal compound, screws, retention clips, and a case badge.

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