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Zalman CNPS10X Flex Heatsink Review

Manufacturer: Zalman

Introduction and Features

Zalman create's two-headed monster heatsink to cool LGA 1156 cores

Photo courtesy of Zalman

Zalman's heatsinks have carved out their own path in the CPU cooling market and turned what used to be large chucks of aluminum and copper and into stylish, modern, and functional works of art. Their new CNPS10X series has been very impressive and we saw low temps when we reviewed the original CNPS10X Extreme last year. So, when they informed us they were adding a new member to the group called the CNPS10X Flex, we had to get one to test in our LGA 1156 test bench. 


Photo courtesy of Zalman

The Zalman CNPS10X Flex is a universal heatsink that supports LGA 1156, 1366, and 775 processors from Intel, but it also can handle AMD's AM3, AM2+, AM2 and their older cores like the 754, 939, and 940. The main selling point about this heatsink is its support for dual 120mm fans. Zalman intentionally didn't include any fans on the CNPS10X Flex so enthusiasts could do their homework and find the best low-RPM, high CFM fans to ensure they got the best airflow possible with this heatsink.

Photo courtesy of Zalman

This high-end, air-cooled heatsink comes standard with Zalman's ZM-STG2 thermal grease and all the accessories to mount two 120mm fans as well as a universal backplate that can be used for a variety of CPU configurations. Let's move right into the features of the heatsink that should give our readers a good summary of what the CNPS10X Flex has to offer.



Dual Fan Support

The heatsink is designed to accommodate one or two fans according to the user’s preference.(Note: 120mm fan must be purchased separately because cooling fan is not included.)

Powerful Cooling Performance

Optimally designed aluminum fins disperse heat away from the CPU via 5 heatpipes, while the high capacity 120mm fan quickly cools the heatsink for stable operation of high performance CPUs.


180mm Wide Case Compatibility

For optimum case compatibility the heatsink’s height is set to 151mm, ensuring compatibility with 180mm width cases.         

Differentiated Design

Differentiated from typical U-shaped heatpipe coolers, a central band of black anodized fins adds a sleek and cool aesthetic finish.


High Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2

New high performance thermal grease ZM-STG2 maximizes heat transfer from the CPU to the base of CNPS10X FLEX for intensified cooling performance.         

Versatile Compatibility

CNPS10X Flex accommodates a broad range of sockets.

Intel LGA1156/1366/775, AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2/754/939/940

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