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Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Universal Heatsink

Author: Steve Grever
Manufacturer: Zalman

Specifications and Packaging

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme specifications (from Zalman's website)

Dimensions: 135(L) X 100(W) X 160(H)mm

Weight: 920g

Materials Fins: Aluminum 

Base: Copper

Dissipation Area: 8,544㎠

Heatpipes: 5 x U-shaped heatpipes

Fan: PWM 120mm Blue LED Fan

Fan RPM: 1,000 - 2,150rpm ± 10 %

Noise: 20.0 - 39.0dBA 

Fan Bearing: 2 Ball-Bearing

Nominal Fan Voltage: 12V


- Over 50,000 hrs

PWM Fan Control

- (PWM Mate) PWM Fan Auto/Manual Control

- PWM Duty Cycle (Fan Speed Control Range): 25 - 100% ± 5%

- Connector Type: 4-Pin only



The CNPS10X Extreme's retail packaging is extremely attractive with a giant window on the front panel to see the 120mm fan from the outside. Zalman also advertises a bit about their PWM fan in the lower left-hand corner of the front panel. The black and silver marketing theme really pops and makes me want to read more about this product.


The left panel includes a nice studio photo of the heatsink and all the technical specifications about the product. The layout is very clean and easy to read and understand.


The right panel discusses more of the specific features about the CNPS10X Extreme including information and photos about its five heatpipe design, PWM fan with auto and manual controls, low noise fan, black pearl nickel plating, high performance thermal grease, and universal compatibility with many CPU sockets.


The back panel outlines the heatsink's features in more of a list format instead of using graphics and photos. Overall, I liked the use of space on the retail packaging, but there was some duplicated information that could have been avoided. Might have been good to have a graphical diagram on how the heatsink actually dissipates heat, but other than that the packaging is just fine.


The heatsink itself is encased in a strong plastic package that's molded to the product itself. It has four plastic buttons that secure both halves of the plastic together.


Here's a quick shot of all the mounting brackets to use the CNPS10X Extreme with different CPU socket types.


This heatsink is also bundled with a quality thermal paste, fan controller extension cord, push pins and screws for installation, and a Zalman case badge. They also included a piece of double-sided tape to secure the fan controller to the outside of the case.


Here's a close-up shot of the fan controller. It can be used in auto and manual modes and has three operating speeds ranging from 25 percent to 100 percent of the fan's capacity.


Laster, Zalman included a detailed user manual to use this heatsink with multiple CPU socket types. Overall, the entire bundle is very good for a $79.99 heatsink and should provide consumers with everything they need to install this heatsink and get it up and running. The packaging is top notch and I like how Zalman secures the heatsink between two sturdy pieces of molded plastic. I always feel confident getting their products shipped to me because I know how much effort is put into their retail packaging material.


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