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Vigor Gaming Monsoon III LT CPU Cooling System Review

Manufacturer: Vigor Gaming

Introduction and Features

CPU cooling systems have really been refined since the days of typical aluminum or copper heatsinks with basic fin arrays. I remember when we used minuscule copper blocks of metal with small fins to cool my old AMD-K6. Those days are long gone with the birth of dual and quad-core processors. Heat is still a CPU’s main enemy and vendors have been working feverishly to research and develop new solutions to solve this age-old problem.


(Images courtesy of Vigor Gaming)

One fairly new vendor to the fray is Vigor Gaming and its Monsoon III LT CPU cooling system. We first heard of Vigor back in 2006 when Ryan reviewed their Monsoon II Active TEC CPU Cooling System. This is the third revision of the Monsoon and boasts two 120mm, 2,000 RPM fans and four copper heatpipes to keep the latest AMD and Intel chips as cool as the other side of the pillow (credit for that line goes to Stuart Scott at ESPN).

Vigor Monsoon III LT’s main features:

Fluid Mechanics Cooling Solution

- Dual fan configuration generates twice the airflow of competing designs

- Heat sink engineered to maximize dissipation surface and minimize weight

- 4 heat popes quickly transport heat between thermal extremes

Superior Cooling Performance

- Mirror finish on copper base allows 100% thermal contact between CPU and Monsoon III LT

- Sickle blade fan produces large amount of airflow while minimizing noise

- 20dBA silent operation

The Monsoon III LT uses four copper 6mm heatpipes to transfer heat away from the processor and up through two separate columns of fin arrays where the heat is pulled away from the heatsink via two 120mm fans on both sides of the fin arrays. It’s a pretty complete system, and if during operation the sound doesn’t remember me of being on the flight line at JFK Airport, this product might earn our highest honors.

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