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Vantec NEXUS Fan and Light Controllers

Manufacturer: Vantec

Introduction and Specs

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Today we have two new multifunction controllers from Vantec to review. The NEXUS-301 Fan and Light Controller combines the functionality of a 3-channel fan controller with a pair of sound activated cold cathode fluorescent case lights. The NEXUS-205 variable-speed fan controller is a compact 3.5” bay version of the larger and popular NEXUS-201.

Vantec Thermal Technologies, Inc. (Vantec) has been developing and manufacturing computer peripheral devices since 1992. As a company they are committed to marketing their technical and innovative designs to meet the needs of both personal and industrial computer system users. They currently produce a full line of heatsinks, fans, power supplies and multifunction controllers.

Vantec NEXUS-301

Vantec NEXUS-205