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Updated Copper Heatsink Comparison

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General

Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus

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Another new combatant is quite different than most of the other HSF’s in that like one other, it uses the four holes on the side of the CPU’s socket, rather than a clip to hold it in position. Like any Cooler we have tested that uses this method, “it’s no walk in the park” to install. It’s best installed with the help of another person, but once it is mounted; you have an HSF with excellent cooling abilities.

Our picture displays everything that is packaged with the CNPS-5000-Plus, the unit itself, a bag of bolts and washers (2 different types), a bag of extra parts, a syringe of thermal compound that we didn’t use as stated earlier. The "Weakest Link" in the entire package is the user’s manual, the printing is so small that I had to take it to a print shop and have it enlarged, so I would be able to read it, once enlarged, the manual is very good!!

There are two three pin connectors with in-line resisters to change the speed and output of the fan giving you the ability to have the fan run silently (2000 RPM’s, 11 CFM’s and 20 dBA’s), quite mode (3200 RPM’s, 18 CFM’s, and 29 dBA’s) or normal (5800 RPM’s, 28 CFM’s and 40 dBA’s). In our study we will be using the Delta fan (7000 RPM’s, 37.6 CFM’s and 46.5 dBA’s). As you can see from this information, the CNPS-5000-Plus has been designed to meet the need of just about every computer user.

The Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus weighs in at 430 grams with dimensions of 91x66x70 mm and can only be used on a motherboard that has the four holes in the motherboard, two on each side of the socket. Zalman continues with there innovative flower pattern in a much more subdued manner than their previous offerings. The oval HSF is comprised of 56-62 sheets that form 60 fins/petals

(I couldn’t resist) which are clamped together being held in position by the two aluminum brackets as pictured. The center area where the core of the CPU would come in contact with the HSF is smooth and you can only see the individual sheets from the top side of the heatsink.

Zalman Tech USA wanted us to test this unit to bring out its high performance capabilities, so we removed the stock fan and like all the other units in this study we replaced it with the 60 mm Delta 37.6 CFM fan. The only other change we made was to reverse the flow of the fan. The stock fan is mounted in the manner where it sucks air up through the heatsink; we achieved much better results with the fan blowing down through the heatsink.

We found the Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus to be whatever you want it to be. Quiet if you want quiet, ultra high performer if that is what you’re looking for. This unit is not for everyone, if you change CPU’s or HSF’s often then a clipped HSF would better serve you. For everyone else this is one sweet, innovative HSF that you’d be proud to call yours!!!! You can purchase the Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus from for only $48.99 USD (price includes the optional Delta fan).

Let’s take a look at how this multi-purpose HSF performed:

Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus

Highest Temp

95F – 35C

Lowest Temp

82F – 28C

Average Temp

88F – 31C

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