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Updated Copper Heatsink Comparison

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General

Vantec CCK-6035D

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As you can see from our picture, Vantec has produced a Copper HSF using thin fin technology covered on three sides by an anodized aluminum shroud. To call them fins, might be stretching the term, they are more like individual plates, being the same throughout. There are 17 plates on each side of the clip for a total of 34 which gives the CCK-6035D an enormous surface area.

As expected the CCK-6035D is packaged in the familiar Blue, White and Black Vantec box and is supplied with a packet of silicone compound (we didn’t use it, instead we used Artic Silver II as we have in all our studies) and a three to four pin Molex converter. Vantec realizing that most people will not be able to use or want to use a three pin motherboard header to connect the fan to a power source.

The CCK-6035D has been designed to fit the great majority of motherboards without any difficulty (I haven’t found one it didn’t fit). The unit weighs in at only 386 grams while the dimensions are 78x64x64 mm which included the stock 60 mm Delta 37.6 cfm Delta fan. The unit sits firmly on the CPU thanks to its well designed clip and I was only able to move the heatsink slightly once it was attached.

The Clip, what a sweetheart this is to install, not the familiar Vantec clip everyone has grown to love, but an entirely new one for this unit. NO tools were required to install it and it took mere seconds to do. Vantec must control the market, when it comes to “Clip Designers”, because day in and day out, they produce the BEST clips for their products of any manufacturer I’ve ever run into.

The CCK-6035D is truly a high performance cooler that delivers on its promise, to cool your hot CPU for a modest investment on your part. You can purchase the Vantec CCK-6035D at KD Computers for only $29.95 USD.

Let’s look at how it performed:

Vantec CCK-6035D

Highest Temp

98F – 37C

Lowest Temp

87F – 30C

Average Temp

92F – 33C

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