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Thermaltake Element S Mid-Tower Case Review

Manufacturer: Thermaltake

Introduction and Features


Today’s economy is really forcing PC enthusiasts to manage their funds more frugally than in previous years. The over-used cliché “more bang for the buck” comes to mind as users work to balance their computer needs with what’s available in their check books.


When people sift through the never-ending labyrinth of PC cases available online, they usually have some difficulty finding one that will fit their requirements and leave enough in the bank for their mortgage and gas. Higher-end cases are built extremely well and include tons of features, but usually cost over $200. Lower-end cases typically meet minimum requirements for basic users, but are constructed out of lower-quality materials and don’t include high-quality fans or chassis options like quick-connect clips on optical and hard drive bays. So, many ask “What mid-range options are available that will fit into my budget?”

One cost-effective, yet feature-packed option is the Thermaltake Element S Mid-Tower case. For about $120 (before shipping), the Element S provides a no-nonsense solution for users looking for a silent, feature-rich case to house their vital PC components.

(Courtesy of Thermaltake)

Some of the Element S’s more notable features include anti-vibration and noise material on the side panels and a massive seven-bay, removable hard drive cage. Opening and closing the side panels didn’t have that metal-on-metal feel that I’m typically used to when entering the chassis. It was actually quite silent sliding the door on and off. Now, if this equates to decreased noise and vibration as advertised, then I’ll definitely proclaim this design feature a winner. Those users with multiple 5.25” hard drives will find the large hard drive cage most welcoming too. There is even a place next to the cage to attach one 2.5” notebook hard drive and one solid state drive.

Key Features

  • Anti-vibration and noise reduction material on side panels
  • Stealth Black Interior 
  • Massive Storage Capability with 7 x 3.5" and 2 x 2.5" HDD bays
  • Direction-free HDD cage
  • Excellent thermal performance with optimal air flow
  • Folding edge design to strengthen structure and prevent cutting  

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