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Thermalright CB-6L HSF Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: Thermalright

Package and Installation

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Like their previous product the CB-6L is well packaged, as my test sample is a pre-production unit the packaging may change. The CB-6L comes equipped with a Sunon 60x60x10 mm Vapor bearing nine blade fan. This fan was chosen because of its fairly low noise level, 33.5 dBA’s that is an important factor to many people. But for our high performance testing we’ll replace the stock fan with our Delta 37.6 CFM fan at 46.5 dBA’s.

It seems Thermalright always has a new wrinkle in their products, this time the aluminum has been nickel chrome plated. It reminds me of my younger days, when we would install chromed air cleaners on our auto’s carburetor!! Looked cool, but didn’t have any effect, one way or the other, on performance. Did I say it looked COOL!!!

The vital static’s are as follows; the overall dimensions are 77Lx65Wx32H mm; it weighs in at 225 grams (well under the AMD specified weight limit of 300 grams). The Copper heat spreader is soldered to the base, unlike others that are screwed on or use epoxy to attach it to the bottom. It uses the same clip as the SK-6 and installation is uneventful.

A look at our picture will show you that this is truly a pre-production unit and what gets me so excited is the performance.

It may be shipped with a new Phase Change material developed by Honeywell that is supposed to rival Artic Silver II in its effectiveness, that’s if tests prove this out. Like most phase change material it is only good for one time use. Most of us who change CPU’s and HSF’s on a regular basis will stay with thermal compounds/paste.

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