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Thermalright CB-6L HSF Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: Thermalright

Numbers and Conclusion

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As the CB-6L is of similar construction (bi-metal) and aimed at the same market segment as the Taisol CGK-7600092, we will compare how these two performed head to head. Later on, we’ll add the CB-6L to our comparison chart of Copper and Copper content HSF’s so you can see the difference between our reigning champion and all the others in this category, by temperature difference and retail selling price.

Thermalright CB-6L
Taisol CGK-7600092

Highest Temp

96F – 36C

97F – 36C

Lowest Temp

85F – 30C

87F – 31C

Average Temp

92F – 33C

93F – 34C

As can be noted, both are admirable performers and with the slight edge to the CB-6L the only thing really separating them is the retail selling price.

Please remember that all the HSF’s were studied and priced with the 60 mm Delta 37 CFM fan. All prices listed reflect this fact and are based on current retail pricing to the best of our knowledge. In the case of the CB-6L, it is the targeted retail selling price. Also note that the Swiftech MC-462A is priced with the 80 mm Sanyo Denki fan.

Temp (+/-)
Price $USD

1.) Thermalright SK-6

86F – 30C


2.) Zalman CNPS-5000-Plus

+2F +1.1C


3.) Akasa Silver Mountain

+3F +1.7C


4.) Swiftech MC-462A Rev1

+4F +2.3C


5.) Thermalright CB-6L

+6F +3.3C


6.) Vantec CCK-6035D

+6F +3.3C


7.) Taisol CGK-7600092

+7F +3.7C


8.) OCZ Gladiator

+10F +5.6C


9.) GlobalWin CAK-38

+14F +7.8C


10.) Kanie Hedgehog

+16F +8.9C


The Thermalright CB-6L is an impressive and effective little HSF and I was very surprised by its performance with the Delta 37.6 CFM fan. I did not expect the results I got, so I double checked everything and sure enough this little HSF did indeed perform like a Goliath!!! Watch for its release at your favorite Thermalright reseller world-wide!!

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