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Swiftech MCP300™ Inline Watercooling Pump Review

Manufacturer: Swiftech


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With every water cooling system, a pump is required. For those who are just getting their feet wet, choosing a pump to match your system can be difficult .Especially if more then one water jacket is to be used off one pump. Some of the most commonly used pumps in today’s market are the Via Aqua 1300 & the Eheim series. This is due to their high flow rates, durability, smooth quiet operation, and reliability or price. A major drawback to the Eheim pumps is the fact that they are usually 2-3x as much money as the competitor’s pumps. This can limit those on a budget to other brand name pumps that may not perform as well, be as sturdily constructed, or may not be as reliable.

Swiftech has used the Eheim 1048s to power their water cooling systems since they started with water cooling equipment a few years back; however there have been a few issues with them that this new pump addresses. So some may ask “what is the big fuss about the MCP300™ then”? Well let’s find out. Enter the Swiftech MCP300™ inline pump.

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