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Swiftech MCP300™ Inline Watercooling Pump Review

Author: Ryan Shrout
Manufacturer: Swiftech


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Parts list:

  • 2 x black edge water blocks
  • 1 x ½ fitting heater core
  • 3.5 feet of 3/8ths id vinyl tubing [Note: The 3/8ths id
    Tygon hose from Becooling has a larger then ½ OD which does not fit in the quick connects.]

  • Eheim 1048 pump with standard included fitting and
  • MCP300™ with the included standard fittings
  • Approximately 10-12 inches of head
  • 10 liter container

    To find out the different flow rates between the two pumps I used a sink full of water with the above mentioned water cooling equipment hooked to each of the pumps and timed how long it took to fill the 10 liter jug with each pump. There was approximately 1 foot of head to the system and 3.5 feet of tubing. The test was done three times with each pump to help ensure accuracy.


    Originally I used tried this with the Black Ice Extreme rad as well as the heater core but found that it made very little difference which of the two radiators I used . In fact it was so small a difference that it could easily be attributed to a minor inaccuracy of the testing procedure I used.

    Eheim 1048 = 42- 43 gph

    MCP300™ = 59- 60 gph

    That’s close to a 50% improvement over the Eheim 1048, which makes the MCP300™ more comparable to the Eheim 1250

    With only one water block in place:

    MCP300™ = 85 gph

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