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Skyhawk MSR4620EP(F) Aluminum Mini Server Case

Author: Ron Goldin
Manufacturer: General


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Here is a picture of the inside of the case. It comes with plenty of room for hard drives and CDRs. The motherboard will sit on top of 9 standard brass style standoffs that are already installed. There is plenty of room for large motherboards and there is plenty of clearance above the motherboard tray for the PSU. You can also see the screws that are used to attach the support bar that is parallel to the view of this picture at the top in a triangular shape. In the second picture you can see the motherboard tray. You can also see the rear exhaust fan attached to it. As with all the other fans, this fan comes with a 4-pin molex passthru connector. You can also see all of the front panel connectors. As with nearly all cases, even with motherboard trays, there is still no quick disconnect for the front panel wires.

These pictures show the motherboard tray in a better light. You can also notice all the thumbscrews on the slots. The support bracket for the motherboard tray is also easily visible in these pictures. The support bracket will help make sure that the ever-so-light aluminum material of the motherboard tray stays straight and true.

Here is a picture of the accessories found in the little white box shown in some earlier pictures. The Skyhawk Mini Server Case comes with plenty of mounting screws, standoffs, and washers. Also found in the white box are a few zip-ties, wireloom holddowns, and a 2-3 pin power LED converter as there are some motherboards that cant handle a standard 2pin Power LED connector from the front panel. It wasn’t until I saw some issues on an earlier review that this became blazingly apparent when some people complained about that earlier article I wrote that did not come with this small adapter. The second picture above gives a better view of the support bracket for the motherboard. I would have like to have seen a better rivet job on the support bracket as there are two tabs that are against the motherboard tray, yet only one rivet. The other rivet shouldn’t be a difficult issue to get resolved at the factory.

These pictures show my motherboard installed with heatsink, memory, video card, and NIC card. One thing you just gotta love about motherboard trays is that they make component installations a breeze. I honestly enjoy any case that has a motherboard tray because not having one certainly makes you know it when trying to install a heatsink.

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