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SkyHawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: General


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It’s been a real pleasure being able to bring the SkyHawk Mini Server MSR4610EP-D case to you. Michael Shen of L. A. Sky Hawk Computers, Inc. has listened to me rant about what makes a good case for months now and it was gratifying to see many of the things we talked about incorporated in the Mini-Server line. They are definitely a company that listens to the wants and needs of computer users!!!

There are a couple of area’s we’d like to see addressed and the first, is the lack of an intake filter for the front fans and the second, is the case grill work in back of the exhaust fan (two perennial complaints we have with most cases).

The MSR4610EP-D is a reasonably priced aluminum case, as aluminum cases go, and has a suggested retail of around $150.00 USD without power supply. Of course this is dependent on reseller markup, so shop around; you might find an even better price!!

Resellers should contact for more details, users can check out the entire SKYHAWK line at

Now what should I do to mod this baby??? A window sounds good, yea, maybe a top blow hole, yea that sounds good too!!! Oh well, see you all in the next review/article, now where are my tools (Hole Saw and Dremel)???

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