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SilverStone ST45SF-G 450W SFX Form Factor PSU Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: SilverStone

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The SilverStone ST45SF-G is a good SFX form factor power supply.  It has many of the features that you would expect from larger ATX enthusiast PSUs like a painted chassis and modular, sleeved cables. The power supply delivered very good voltage regulation with good efficiency and maintained relatively clean outputs across a wide range of loads. The ST45SF-G also comes with both EPS12V and PCI-E connectors, which typically aren't found on a small SFX form factor PSU. If you are in the market for a solid 450W PSU for a SFF build, the new SilverStone ST45SF-G deserves a very close look!

Noted differences of the new ST45SF-Gold compared to the original ST45SF-Bronze:
• Meets 80Plus Gold efficiency criteria
• Tighter voltage regulation (±3% on primary outputs)
• All modular cables
• Operating temperature de-rated from 50°C to 40°C
• No master power on-off switch

The SilverStone ST45SF-G power supply is currently available and selling for $96.99 USD ( October 2012).

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• SFX form factor with ATX adapter bracket
• 450W continuous DC output
• 37A on +12V rail with dual PCI-E connectors
• 8-pin (4+4) EPS12V connector
• Very good voltage regulation (±3% on primary outputs)
• Very good efficiency (80-Plus Gold certified)
• High quality components (Japanese capacitors)
• Active PFC with universal AC input

Minor Weaknesses:
• Cables may be short if used in a standard ATX chassis (see edit below***)
• Relatively expensive compared to ATX equivalents

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SilverStone ST45SF-G PSU

I would like to thank our friends at SilverStone for sending us the ST45SF-G PSU to review – thanks!

*** Edit 11-24-2012 ***

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SilverStone just informed me they have a full line of full-size, modular power supply cables that can be purchased separately if you find one or more of the ST45SF-G cables are too short for your needs or you just want to dress up the look of your system. There are eight different cables available in the PP06 Series and they are designed to be compatible with all SilverStone modular PSUs released after 2009. "The PP06 modular PSU cables were created for users who wish to utilize a compatible SilverStone modular PSU and to improve the appearance inside their case. All PP06 cables come with full length connectors and every wire is individually sleeved in black. This is a must for those who are looking to connect various components and who want a cleaner look inside their case. SilverStone is committed to releasing modular PSUs with the same connectors so the PP06 is a great investment and can be used for future SilverStone PSU upgrades."

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PP06B-3SATA80M (3 x SATA & 1 X Slimline SATA connectors)

PP06B-2PCIE70  (1 x PCI-E 8pin (6+2) & 1 x PCI-E 8pin (6+2) connectors)

*** End Edit ***

November 6, 2012 | 12:23 PM - Posted by Kenneth (not verified)

I bought a Silverstone Strider ST50F-P psu about 2 years ago for a home server build. I bought it specifically to fit into a Lian Li PC-V354 case which has the psu standing on end over the mobo while looking at it from the side. I wanted a nice short psu that wasn't going to be tasked with high demand of power and it fit the bill. If I were to do it all over again, I am not sure I would go with this unit that was reviewed. While it is 40mm shorter overall and would give me a little bit more room to work in that particular case, it also has a 40mm smaller fan. I use that fan to pull air from the inside to the outside and the size trade off would be pretty steep. I guess this would be nice for a mini ITX build where space is at a super premium but otherwise I would still grab something with more air flow.

November 9, 2012 | 05:27 AM - Posted by Justin 150 (not verified)

I think the noise is the main issue here. Seems very well designed.

If you are not pulling more than 150W on load then a pico-psu is probably a better option. Even at 225W the Silverstone seems pretty quiet but from there upwards the noise seems to increase pretty rapidly.

If needing 300W + and have the space there are better options

November 19, 2012 | 08:29 AM - Posted by Robert123 (not verified)

Perfect upgrade for the sg05 & 06. esp if you have the older 300w versions.

December 31, 2012 | 09:40 AM - Posted by David López (not verified)

Be careful!. I have SG06, and this Power supply modular need some depth extra mm, because the connector is big than normal version.
It can be fit, but you need to make a lot of force, and curve a lot the wires, isn't god the modular version because need more space.

Other part is that the sound is horrible!, make a lot of plus sound than the standard version, even at 60-90W only of consumption!.
If you need more than 140W is horrible loud!

I open the power supply, and first I try to mount the fan outside the power supply chassis, and decrease some little db, because the little grid on intake increase loud, and the grid on outside pard not increase as intake. This decrease a little, but not to much, but you need 15mm extra of space, and be care of obstruction fan, and lost warranty of you new power supply.....

Today I will go to buy a fan for replace, I check this models that can be well (3000rpm models):

The stock fan reach 3500rpm at 42db, but I don't know cfm. I not remember the trademark, I thinbk was similar than rfl, but I remember has 4 letters not three. Personality, for some around 4€ extra Silverstone can be put a better fan, and better control of speed, I not trust never more on Silverstone specifications.... they can be crazy when was putting silent on your specifications!

Other part is the rpm control have fails, bacause when increase the power consumption increase the rpm (and loud), but when you recover a low consumptions the rpm not decrease at the initial levels, and was more louder than the same consumption of before...

I made another easy mod that not need broke anything, I put a 60x60x25 silent fan rear the power supply extracting the air, I attached with prolimatech magnetic supports.

Because I think is better always that the pressure need to be positive, I put this extracting fan at low rpm, then the intake fan capabilities are better than this outtake fan capabilities.
For better dissipation the fresh air need to stay some seconds or miliseconds and arrive to all deepth of power supply. This is thinked normally for a good heat dissipation on cars, and I think is ok also for computer or all that need heat disipation.

If you not need more than 300W, the standard version is better. I have i7-3770T(80W), and also plus GTX 660(140W) the standard 300W Power supply is suficient, with plus margin for sata devices.

I buyed only for gold plus certification and for better quietness sound of the standard version, and I think a was make big mistake for this caprice....

If i know all this before, I never buyed, because is truth that I not need....

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