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The Silver Mountain Heatsink Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: Akasa

The Package and Installation

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The Silver Mountain arrived in a colorful black, yellow and blue box. Upon opening, you see that the HSF is protected on all sides by Styrofoam with the Delta 60mm fan mounted on the HSF with a chrome fan guard; the fan is equipped with the standard three pin connector. Also included in the box is a well done installation instruction booklet and a syringe of thermal compound /paste for use during installation. Quality packaging for a quality product!!

With the Akasa Silver Mountain being Silver coated over copper, you would expect it to have some weight and it does; with the stock 60mm Delta 37 CFM fan it weights in at 480 grams. The heatsink itself is 62mm x 60mm x 35mm. The physical size insures that it will fit the great majority of current day motherboards without any difficulty.

In the overhead picture you can see what I referred to as slats for lack of a better term; there are 216 of them for a rather large surface area. In the middle of the heatsink (slightly darker in our picture) you can make out the clips position (more on the clip a little later). Please note the shroud, this is not one you assemble yourself, it has been ingeniously attached to the heatsink, clipping on in four places and unlike some shrouded heatsinks has been designed for the fan to blow down towards the core of the CPU.

We stated earlier that taking photo’s of the Akasa Silver Mountain was difficult at best because of the high glare emanating from the gloss mass of the heatsink the picture of the bottom of the heatsink is a prime example of our difficulty. The picture also shows the clip but alas, not very clearly.

The clip itself is one of the best that I’ve had the pleasure to install. There are two prongs and a bottom stop to insert a screwdriver in, using a downward and outward motion with a very reasonable amount of pressure the clip easily attaches as its designers have intended. This clip is a definite plus in the Silver Mountain’s list of many pluses.

While the Silver Mountain is packaged with a syringe of thermal compound/paste we elected not to use it in favor of the compound/paste we have used in all our reviews to maintain continuity.

Installation is uneventful unlike some we’ve tested, just make sure you apply a very, very thin layer of thermal compound/paste on the core of your CPU ONLY, position the HSF on the CPU aligning it with the center flanges of you Ziff socket, attach the back clip, insert a small screwdriver in the slot supplied on the front of the clip apply moderate pressure as you press down and outward until the clip is engaged. That’s it!!!

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