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The Silver Mountain Heatsink Review

Author: Bob Dyl
Manufacturer: Akasa

Numbers and Conclusion

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For comparisons sake we are going to compare the Akasa Silver Mountain to the top three performers as gleaned from our previously posted reviews. That is not to say that there are not others that may or should be included, but as we controlled the conditions and environment of our study, it is only fair that the comparisons be made on HSF’s under the same circumstances.

Silver Mountain

Highest Temp

96F - 36C

94F - 34C

95F - 35C

97F - 36C

Lowest Temp

83F - 28C

80F - 27C

83F - 28C

87F - 31C

Average Temp

89F - 32C

86F - 30C

90F - 32C

93F - 34C

As you can see the Akasa Silver Mountain takes its rightful place amongst the best HSF’s we have personally reviewed. The overall quality is superb, and it delivers with its cooling ability. It also continues a trend we have seen lately in the new breed of super coolers and that is a heatsink does not have to be massive to attain superior cooling, what really counts is design, materials and the marriage to a fan that can take this new breed to the pinnacle of cooling greatness. Of course, with ever more HSF’s being offered and developed, what is great today could be only standard tomorrow!!!

I’m sure a question you’re all waiting to be answered is “being Silver Coated it must be expensive, is it”??

To answer this question, we are going to include the chart we used in our review of the SK-6 that showed you a comparison of all the HSF’s that we have previously posted reviews of. All the conditions including the tests were exactly the same for all.

Each HSF listed is either + or – the average attained temperature of the MC-462A, the last column lists the approximate retail selling price in US dollars of each. Compare them for yourself!!!

Temp (+/-)
Price $USD

Swiftech MC-462A

90F - 32C


Kanie Hedgehog

+12F +6.7C


GlobbalWin CAK-38

+10F +5.6C


OCZ Gladiator

+6F +3.3C


CPUfx Core

+3F +1.7C


KDC CPC-30370

+6F +3.3C


TaiSol CGK7600092

+3F +1.7C


Thermalright SK-6

-4F -2.2C


Canopus Firebird R7

+2F +1.1C


Akasa Silver Mountain

0F 0.0C


All of the HSF’s listed used the Delta 60mm 37cfm fan that produced 46.5 dBA’s, except for the Swiftech that employed a Sanyo Denki 80mm 53cfm fan that produced 45 dBA’s.

The Silver Mountain’s suggested selling price in Europe is £ 25.00 plus VAT. While not yet available in the US, a number of well known resellers are in the process of obtaining the Silver Mountain. Our members and friends across the pond can contact or in France, for a list of resellers in their area or country.

As always the decision is yours to make. I can’t wait to try it with the new Delta 60x38mm 43.4 CFM fan!!!!

In parting, as I could not get a suitable picture of the Silver Mountain on my motherboard due to the glare, let me share a larger picture of this sweetheart in all her glory!!!

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