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Seasonic PRIME Titanium Series Power Supplies

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Seasonic

Specifications and Packaging


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The Seasonic PRIME Titanium Series power supplies are rated for a combined, continuous output power of up to 650W, 750 or 850W at 50°C operating temperature. All of the PRIME Titanium Series PSUs incorporates a single +12V rail.  The PSUs include universal AC line input (automatically adjusts the AC line voltage) and active PFC (.95% to 1.00%), which makes the units more environmentally friendly to the local power grid.  

Seasonic PRIME Titanium Series PSU Specifications (from the Seasonic website):

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Packaging and Parts

All three PRIME Titanium power supplies arrived securely packed inside a standard retail box highlighting each unit’s main features and specifications.  

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Each power supply is protected by thick foam inserts and wrapped in a classic black velvet bag with the Seasonic logo. The modular cables are packed under a cardboard baffle. In addition to the power supply, each box contains a power cord, mounting screws, Seasonic case badge, wire ties, Velcro cable wraps, a multi-language User Manual, Quick Installation Guide, modular cables, and one FDD adapter.

Video News

January 16, 2017 | 11:51 PM - Posted by toffty (not verified)

I know what my next power supply will be!

Love Seasonic

January 17, 2017 | 12:21 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

My only regret is that I may never own one of these, because my present PSU (1kw Seasonic KM3 gold) is taking too long to die.

January 17, 2017 | 01:58 AM - Posted by Oubadah

Has Seasonic got their coil whine situation sorted out yet? I think I've had 1 out of 6 Seasonic X and Platinum series units that didn't have an unacceptable level of noise (what the hell is the point of quiet fans and passive operation if the circuitry is squealing like a pig with its nuts in a vice?), so I've been using SuperFlower based PSUs over the last year or so.

The SuperFlower Leadex plugs/sockets are also 100x better than Seasonic's death grip ones which always feel like they're taking excessive force to insert in my experience.

January 17, 2017 | 02:03 PM - Posted by Michael Vuong (not verified)

Not sure, but I've had the same problems. I learned that it's better to buy Corsair with Seasonic as the key, because then you can at least do an advanced exchange. It gets old having to wait for a replacement after three times.

January 17, 2017 | 02:03 PM - Posted by Michael Vuong (not verified)


January 17, 2017 | 05:52 PM - Posted by Lee Garbutt

I have not experienced any high frequency whine from any of the units I have tested - dead silent.

January 17, 2017 | 10:08 AM - Posted by Penteract (not verified)

And no catsup-and-mustard coloring at the end of those beautiful cables! Awesome!

January 17, 2017 | 12:21 PM - Posted by Zachary Davis (not verified)

I picked up one of the 750W models to replace a 5 year old Seasonic X (which was great). Have been extremely satisfied with these PSUs and i recommend them to everyone. Keep up the great reviews guys!

January 18, 2017 | 12:45 AM - Posted by BlackDove (not verified)

I just built a new machine with an X850 Gold. No regrets buying it but the primes look really nice too.

I dont know why they didnt go with a Sanyo Denki fan.

January 19, 2017 | 10:41 PM - Posted by Matman (not verified)

"Weaknesses :
• Close spacing of connectors on front panel can make disconnecting cables a little difficult for people with large fingers"

Seems like clutching at straws :-)

Maybe sometimes it OK to say "This product is actually perfect"

January 24, 2017 | 05:57 AM - Posted by Dark_wizzie

But how does it compare to other PSUs?

January 28, 2017 | 10:05 AM - Posted by BlackDove (not verified)

Theyre among the best ATX PSUs you can get.

March 2, 2017 | 11:02 PM - Posted by GameStone (not verified)

Excellent review as always, I just bought the PRIME 850 W Titanium.

However you may want to update your review as Seasonic have now raise their industry leading warranty to 12 years (from 10 years).

I found out about it on Toms Hardware.,33791.html

Keep up the great work.

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