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Seasonic PRIME 1200W Gold Power Supply Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Seasonic

Specifications and Packaging


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The Seasonic PRIME 1200W Gold power supply is rated for a combined, continuous output power of up to 1200 watts at 50°C operating temperature. The PSU incorporates a single +12V rail, which can deliver up to 100A (1200W).  The PSU includes universal AC line input (automatically adjusts the AC line voltage) and active PFC (.95% to 1.00%), which makes the unit more environmentally friendly to the local power grid.  

Seasonic PRIME 1200W Gold PSU Specifications (from the Seasonic website):

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Packaging and Parts

The PRIME 1200W Gold power supply arrived securely packed inside a standard retail box highlighting the unit’s main features and specifications.  

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The power supply is protected by thick foam inserts and wrapped in a classic black velvet bag with the Seasonic logo. In addition to the power supply, the box contains a heavy duty (14AWG) power cord, mounting screws, Seasonic case badge and label, wire ties, Velcro cable wraps, a multi-language User Manual, Quick Installation Guide, twelve modular cables, and one FDD adapter.

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Modular PCI-E, Motherboard and CPU power cables

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Modular peripheral cables and FDD adapter

Video News

May 18, 2017 | 11:55 PM - Posted by pdjblum

seasonic never fails to impress

thanks for another much appreciated psu review

still the most important component for me

May 19, 2017 | 11:50 AM - Posted by edwinjamesmiller36

12 yr manufacturer's warranty. somebody believes in their product

May 19, 2017 | 12:35 PM - Posted by khanmein

JonnyGuru stated "PCIe cable wire gauge is too thin for one cable to handle high power cards" for the Platinum & I think is the same with Gold version.

May 20, 2017 | 11:47 AM - Posted by Lee Garbutt

Yes, you are correct - the PRIME Gold Series PSUs use 18 AWG wire like the Platinum Series. That is why I dinged them for daisy-chaining two PCI-E connectors onto one cable as a weakness. For the majority of users who have two high-end (power hungry) video cards, using a dedicated cable/PCI-E connector to all four connectors should be adequate. However IMO that still doesn not excuse Seasonic for putting two connectors on the end of a single 18 AWG cable set on a 1200W PSU.

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