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Rosewill Tachyon Series 1000W Power Supply Review

Author: Lee Garbutt
Manufacturer: Rosewill

A Detailed Look

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The Rosewill Tachyon-1000 power supply features a black matte finish and measures 180mm (7.1”) deep. It uses a single 140mm fan on the bottom for cooling.

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The backside panel features an open grill and includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  The honey comb grill allows air to exhaust out of the power supply for cooling the internal components with minimal turbulence and noise.

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The Tachyon-1000 uses a 140mm fan (Globe Fan RL4ZS1402512HH) that incorporates sleeve bearings for quiet operation. The fan is rated for 0.50A at 12VDC and 1800 rpm. This is a rather surprising choice for a high-end PSU as sleeve bearing fans don’t have a very good reputation for long life. While nowhere is it mentioned on the box, User’s Manual or website; the Tachyon-1000 will operate in fanless mode at low power levels so don’t be alarmed if you notice the fan isn’t spinning when you first turn the PC on.

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The Tachyon-1000 power supply features semi-modular cables and has a good assortment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors.  There are 8 modular cable sockets on the front panel, which are all the same so there isn’t any confusion about which cable gets plugged in where. All of the cables are covered with a black, braided plastic mesh sleeving.

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Fixed Cables/Connectors:
• (1) Main power connector (24-pin/20-pin) 560mm
• (1) ATX12V/EPS12V (4-pin + 4-pin) 660mm
• (1) EPS12V (8-pin) 660mm
• (2) PCI Express (6+2 pin) 580mm (one cable)

Modular Cables/Connectors:
• (4) PCI Express (6+2 pin), (four separate cables)
• (6) Peripheral Optical/HDD (4-pin)
• (10) Peripheral Serial ATA (15-pin)
• (1) Peripheral FDD (4-pin)

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Looking inside the Tachyon-1000 we see that Rosewill has enlisted Super Flower as the OEM to build the Tachyon Series. This platform uses a half-wave bridge topology with LLC resonant converter to produce high efficiency. This unit is very similar to the Kingwin Lazer Platinum 1000W power supply we reviewed last year.

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The Tachyon-1000 uses two Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors on the primary, one rated at 560uF, 400V, and 105°C and the other at 470uF, 400V, and 105°C.  The secondary features a mix of solid polymer capacitors and Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytic caps.  DC-to-DC converters are used to produce both the +3.3V and +5V rails from the +12V supply. Overall, the layout, component selection and soldering all looks very good.

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February 14, 2013 | 10:47 AM - Posted by truk007

I was going to say "What a great deal!" but then I looked up the price on Newegg. $240 bucks today. You've reviewed it too well.

If Seasonic's 1000W is cheaper with the rebate, has a better warranty, and a better reputation, then why would somebody go with the Rosewill? It seems like a strange pricing strategy by Newegg.

February 15, 2013 | 05:21 PM - Posted by WillRock (not verified)

Maybe because the Rosewill performs better?

Maybe because if you actually understood what wrote in the reviews, you'd have seen that the Rosewill's ripple suppression is better?

Or maybe because you judged things by their brand like an idiot?

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