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PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 860W PSU Review

Author: Lee Garbutt

A Detailed Look

The Turbo-Cool 860W power supply features a standard, scratch-resistant PC Power & Cooling black matte paint job.  The enclosure is very compact for a unit with this much output capacity and measures just under 6” long (150mm).  The back panel contains an 80mm cooling fan, power receptacle, and On-Off switch.  All the Turbo-Cool power supplies incorporate universal AC input (automatically adjusts to the AC line voltage) so there is no little red voltage selector switch.

The single 80mm cooling fan is made by Delta (EFB0812EH).  This is the same high-speed, 3-blade fan used in the larger Turbo-Cool models.  It features dual ball bearings and is rated for up to 5,000 rpm and 52 CFM at 12V.  Using only three blades helps generate less noise but also does not develop as much static air pressure as an equivalent fan with more blades.  To help minimize noise, the fan speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature (speeds up as the combined load and temperature increases).  As we will see later, the Turbo-Cool 860 is slightly quieter than its two big brothers.

The open honey comb grill on the front and small slots on both sides allows air to flow into the power supply for cooling the internal components. 

One of the more unique features found on the Turbo-Cool 860 is the inclusion of three small potentiometers (pots) that permit the end user to fine tune the DC output voltages of the three primary rails.  Two of the pots, which are used to adjust the +3.3V and +5V rails are located next to the bottom-left corner of the main label.  Using a small screwdriver to turn these pots CCW (counter clockwise) will increase the output voltages and turning them CW (clockwise) will decrease the voltage.  The pot used for adjusting the +12V output is behind the honeycomb grill on the front side of the power supply.  It is a little hard to get to as it is actually below the line of holes.  Turning the +12V fine tune pot CW increases the output voltage.

Note: A fourth pot located underneath the QC sticker on top of the PSU adjusts an over current setting and should NOT be messed with!

To test how these fine adjustments work in real life, I turned each one from its initial factory setting to full CCW and then to full CW while operating under a 400W combined test load.  Both the +3.3V and +12V pots allowed adjusting the output voltage either up or down.  The +5V pot was set at the factory in the full CCW position so the voltage could only be decreased and not increased.  Overall, an interesting feature but one most users may never use or need.  However, if you like to tweak things and are looking to fine tune your DC output voltages, the Turbo-Cool 860 allows some adjustment without providing too great a range that could inadvertently cause damage to your PC’s components.

The Turbo-Cool 8600W power supply has a full complement of cables and connectors.  All of the cables are hard-wired into the PSU chassis, which eliminates potential problems caused by the added resistance of modular cable connectors.  At high power, even a little resistance can lower the delivered voltage and possibly cause overheating as contacts oxidize over time.  The wiring harnesses measure from 19” to 24” long to the first connector and are covered with black plastic mesh sleeving. 

The Turbo-Cool 8600W power supply comes fitted with two 6-pin PCI-E connectors and two 8-pin PCI-E connectors (6-pin/2-pin split) to support the latest high-end video cards. 

The following diagram illustrates the various connectors and cables lengths.

(Courtesy of PC Power & Cooling)

Note: If the standard cables do not meet your needs, PC Power & Cooling will build custom cables to your specs for an additional fee (when ordered directly from PC Power & Cooling).

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