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PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W Power Supply Review

Author: Lee Garbutt


The Silencer 760 power supply is rated for a combined, maximum output power of 760 watts (836W peak) at up to 50°C ambient air temperature (internal case air temperature).  Like previous Silencer models, the 760 unit features Active Power Factor Correction, universal AC input, and uses a single 80mm fan for cooling.  And as you might expect, the 760 is NVIDIA SLI Certified (up to 2 x GTX470 graphic adapters).

Specifications for the Silencer 760W (courtesy PC Power & Cooling)

The PC Power & Cooling Silencer 760W PSU incorporates a single, powerful +12V output that can deliver up to 62A (744W).

(Courtesy the OCZ Technology Group)