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Noblesse Electric Blue Case Review

Author: Ron Goldin
Manufacturer: General

The Outside

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As you can see in the above pictures, this case is more of a charcoal black color with the electric blue mirrored front. The picture on the left shows what the case looks like with the clear film still attached to help keep the dirt/dust level down while shipping. It may be a little hard to see in the thumbnails above but there is a depression on the sides of the case to put your fingers to pull the side of the case back at which time you can just pull it off. The last photo above strongly illustrates why you should thoroughly wash your hands after having a grilled cheese sandwich. The mirrored section is just like glass, it will show fingerprints quite clearly.

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One of the neatest tricks about this case is the lower hidden slot. You can easily hide any 5¼ inch component in there. In fact you could hide a CDR in there and never have to open the door of the case. Pretty neat idea if you ask me. The door for the slot has a small handle on it to pull the door up and down. The door is quite snug and not apt to open on its own.

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Once you open the front door to the case, you can easily see the style and class put into this case. The knockouts for the 5¼ and 3½ drives are supplied with the system if you decide to just put the CDR in the lower 5¼ slot as shown previously. There are cutouts for two rear 80mm fans in back ands plenty of room for a power supply. The I/O plates actually just snap into place inside the case so you don’t have to try and seat it on your motherboard first and then try to install it. I would however like to see case designers come up with a better solution then they do for the built in fan guards. They tend to cause a lot of turbulence and restrict airflow considerably. Someone should start by just installing wire grills for fan guards instead of making the end user cut the supplied ones and installing their own wire guards for the fans.

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In the picture on the left above you should be able to see the thumbscrews provided for the side panels. Its not often you get to see this in such a low cost case but they are there. Makes removing side panels very easy. You will also note there is no slide-out motherboard tray. You don’t find them often in low cost cases, but it would have been nice to see one here. The picture on the right above shows just how many drives you can put in this system. You should be able to fit plenty of drives for a system with RAID and even several CDR drives as well.

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