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NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case Review

Manufacturer: NZXT

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NZXT beefs up second revision of Zero chassis

Every year, vendors continue to push hardware to higher speeds and greater performance levels. These new components always bring with them two key issues -- higher wattage requirements and sometimes increased heat. Having a decent PC case with fans on the back and front panel is adequate for most setups, but those with dual or triple video card configurations and quad-core processors will tell you that more needs to be done to discipate heat from the system.

Those with $150 to spend on a case have quite a few options to choose from, but most of us usually have less than $75 (with shipping) available after we upgrade our hardware. That price range doesn't leave much available in terms of quality cases, but the economy and current trends have made vendors cut costs so they can sell off their current stock to make room for next quarter's new products.

(Courtesy of NZXT)

One company who's made a name for itself in the mainstream PC case market is NZXT. This fairly small computer case maker has only been in the game since 2004, but their creed since the beginning has been to cater to specific audiences like gamers and PC enthusiasts. This means their cases are intentionally designed to be more flashy with bright LEDs, large windows, and a plethora of ways for users to customize their products.

Today, we have the second revision of their Zero line called the Zero 2. The original Zero case was based off an aluminum chassis, and after some consumer feedback and testing from reviewers like myself, NZXT went back to the drawing board and developed a steel chassis to give the case a lot more stability and rigidness that most PC builders look for when building a new system. The new chassis uses 1.0mm steel, which bumps the entire weight of the case to 10.2 kilograms, which is roughly 22.4 lbs. That's a pretty big different from the original Zero that weighed in at 7.35 kilograms or 16.2 lbs.

(Courtesy of NZXT)

NZXT upgraded on the Zero 2 with a redesigned front panel power button, but they removed the front panel fan controller and all four fans on the left side panel that came standard in the original Zero case. There is still the option to install these fans, but users will have to purchase the equipment and do the work themselves. Let's hope the switch to steel from aluminum will be enough to sway consumers toward the NZXT for their next case upgrade.


NZXT Zero 2 Full Tower Case Features

  • Full tower steel chassis
  • Quad 120mm fans dedicated for CPU and GPU cooling
  • Dual 120mm exhaust
  • Screwless installation for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • Intel HD audio compatibility
  • Top mounted USB, Audio, and E-SATA Ports
  • Sturdy 1.0mm steel chassis

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