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NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower PC Case Review

Author: Steve Grever
Manufacturer: NZXT

Final Thoughts, Pricing, Conclusion

Final Thoughts

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Where should I begin? The Switch 810 pretty much exceeded every one of my expections when it comes to full-tower PC cases. Each feature and improvement to the Switch 810 addressed key issues that many PC builders face when they are putting together new systems. This case's hybrid features were also put to the test as I installed a Corsair H100 with dual radiators, but the Switch 810 didn't have any problems supporting this self-contained liquid cooling unit. I even had plenty of room to add two more fans above the radiator. If I have any criticism at all of this case, I would have liked to have another removable filter between the top vent and radiator because the vent holes are very large and big dust particles will easily access the case here. One final thing I wanted to tout was the two LEDs that light up the back I/O panel and PCI slots because it was incredibly useful when I slid the case under my desk and attached all the cables again. I never realized how much easier it was to have a case that lit up the ports so I could attach everything. Great idea NZXT!


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The 10 cable management outlets were also a huge success and helped me conceal over 90 percent of my power and data cables.The two removable hard drive cages were pretty innovative too, but almost unnecessary because I could access all my hard drives from the side panel behind the motherboard tray. Another suggestion for NZXT I would like to make is to include more white LED lighting to the interior of this case. After seeing the two LEDs light up the back I/O panel, I think using more of them on the inside of the case would have made my hardware pop through the acrylic window.



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As of Jan. 29, the NZXT Switch 810 full-tower PC case was out of stock on NZXT's website and not available yet at many popular online retailers. The retail price on NZXT's website is $169.99, but we'll see if that price changes when it is available at Newegg and Amazon.



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We'd like to thank our friends at NZXT for providing the Switch 810 for our review today. After a somewhat shaky start, the Switch 810's brilliance began to shine as I peered closer at some of the more intricate features that are available with this case. From the front panel SD card reader to the two white LEDs that light up the back I/O panel, NZXT has thought of many original ways to address some common problems that users deal with on a daily basis. Even the extra cable management cutouts were extremely useful in creating a clutter-free interior for my hardware. My only issues with this case are some of the plastic paneling that was a bit too flimsy for my taste. The top vent holes are also too large and NZXT did not include a dust filter. However, the creative design and innovative features earns the Switch 810 our Gold Award!


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  • Support for 10 120mm or 140mm fans
  • Plenty of room for custom liquid cooling solutions
  • Front panel SD card reader
  • White LEDs that light up back I/O panel
  • Affordable


  • Top and front panels not well constructed
  • No removable filter behind top panel

February 8, 2012 | 01:54 PM - Posted by Swoosh (not verified)

I hope they could make a version of this Switch 810 model to accommodate the upcoming and
very much awaited EVGA and ASUS dual lga2011 socket motherboard for PC enthusiast. Since it
can accommodate a 360mm radiator on its top with push/pull fan setup, by extending the
motherboard's installation width area for an additional 6 inches would result huge
difference and would give PC enthusiast a lot of room for installing different kinds
very hi end components including those HTPX dual socket motherboards as mentioned.

- Bottom line, NZXT gave us another quality, hi end, full featured, cool looking and
affordable product the Switch 810. Needless to say, this is what Coolermaster should do
with their COSMOS II case as far as giving enthusiast a lot of head room and FREEDOM
to install any aftermarket components they like including those fan controller(s) and not
just stuck on some messy pre-installed fan controller that doesn't help but intervenes with
your setup making it more harder to route and install wires and connectors needed by your
hi end components specially if you have lots of them.

February 8, 2012 | 02:22 PM - Posted by amythompson172

This case may be overkill for an air cooled rig but every website review out there loves it for water cooling. You can fit up to 7x120 worth of radiators inside the case without modifications.

February 8, 2012 | 10:14 PM - Posted by Jesus to a child (not verified)

That wasn't a review, it was a product preview.

February 10, 2012 | 12:23 PM - Posted by Annoyingmouse (not verified)

Pretty nice, NZXT has come a long way from the maker of those horrid, gaudy robot face cases a decade ago.

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