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NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller Review

Manufacturer: NZXT

Features and Specifications


NZXT’s complete line of PC enclosures, power supplies, and accessories has quickly gained market recognition among PC enthusiasts and gamers alike.  The new NZXT Sentry LX fan controller is pure eye-candy that will dress up and draw attention to any custom build along with being quite useful.

The Sentry LX is a large, dual 5.25” bay device designed to display the speed of five fans and five temperature zones.  And it allows automatically controlling the speed of each fan based on the temperature in five different zones.  The large color LCD screen displays fan speed and temperature along with time and date.  Push buttons on the front panel allow shifting from automatic to manual control at the touch of a finger.

NZXT Sentry LX Main Features and Specifications:

•    Large LCD screen

•    Five animated channels that display fan speed and temperature

•    Automatic fan speed control based on temperature (with Manual override)

•    Programmable temperature alarm for each channel

•    Each fan’s operational status indicated with animated graphics

•    Supports up to 4 watts per channel

•    Displays time, date, and day of the week

•    Easy to install and setup

•    Requires two 5.25” bays for installation

Packaging and Includes

The NZXT Sentry LX fan controller comes securely packed in a colorfully printed box that includes everything needed for easy installation and setup.

•    Sentry LX fan controller

•    Five Temperature sensors plus two spares

•    Thermal tape for attaching temperature sensors

•    Battery (CR2032)

•    Mounting screws

•    Printed User’s Manual

Note: There are five independent channels for controlling and monitoring fans.  More than one fan can be connected to a channel as long as the total current draw per channel does not exceed 0.33A (4W) – more on this later.

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April 4, 2012 | 06:48 PM - Posted by James Dickel (not verified)

this controller seems to be awesome!
exactly what i need!

April 4, 2012 | 07:21 PM - Posted by Dane (not verified)

I have plenty of fans to keep it busy!

April 4, 2012 | 10:05 PM - Posted by Huy (not verified)

oooh nice fan controller
Thanks NZXT

April 6, 2012 | 02:44 PM - Posted by Andrey (not verified)

I love NZXT !

August 1, 2012 | 06:06 PM - Posted by Shane Blume (not verified)

This is awesome!

April 18, 2014 | 11:28 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

How does it go with having 9 fan to control and more in future

March 30, 2019 | 05:30 AM - Posted by Pavel (not verified)

It is shit. After few weeks the battery keeping settings is empty and you must change it each time, viewing angle is bad, only few degrees, in daylight not readable at all (it looks it is not even switched ON).

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